Packing for export goods

Service overview

I. Lashing service – securing goods

  • Lashing – tying machinery onto trucks, short trailers, in containers
  • Lashing – tying bulky goods and equipment into containers, cont Flat ract
  • Lashing – tying iron and steel, steel structures, machinery on board.
  • Lashing – tying corrugated iron rolls, rolled iron onto containers, trucks
  • Packing – baled, lashing-tying goods package
  • Baled – vacuum-binding machines
  • Relocating, baling and lashing machines
  • Lashing – tying excavators, hoes, forklifts and cranes
  • Issuing lashing inspection certificates meeting export safety standards

II. The process of performing lashing – tying goods

  • Customer provides information about goods: Size, weight, image, place of execution and lashing requirements
  • We conduct field surveys if the goods are heavy and complex
  • Advice on how to implement lashing and tying up so that it is safest and the best cost
  • Quotation according to the agreed plan
  • Perform lashing- Prepare dunnage means, lashing supplies, chains, narcotics, funerals, cables, tensioners …
  • Issue deed
  • Hand over and end the contract

III. Types of goods specialized in lashing

  • Lashing all kinds of machines: Presses, stamping machines, mechanical machines, printers, CNC ….
  • Lashing steel structures: Pre-engineered steel buildings, manufactured mechanical products, steel rigs, ….
  • Lashing corrugated coil, iron coil, stainless steel coil …
  • Lashing vehicles: cars, excavators, excavators, bulldozers, forklifts, cranes….
  • Lashing oversized and other overloaded goods …