International Heavy Machinery Shipper
As direct result of our close relationship with international vehicle transport and shipping operators we are Providing the service of International Heavy Machinery Shipper, our skillful staff and high level know-how we can offer you reliable, and cost effective roro shipping solution.

Our offices located in the VietNam sub agencies Worldwide have established our group as one of the leading independent High & Heavy freight forwarders.

International Heavy Machinery Logistics

International Heavy Machinery Logistics considers all factors required for successful shipment of your machinery. We use routing software accessing an up-to-the-minute database of relevant attributes for each fraction of a mile of the planned route.

Size (width, height and length) is one consideration. Lanes have limited width. Overpasses set your maximum height. The need for sharp turns restricts length. Weight is another factor, as roads and bridges have posted limits.

These factors and others interact to determine how your equipment is disassembled and containerized. They also drive the mode and route your equipment will take.

International Heavy Machinery Movers

Experts follow best logistic facility for offering reliable International Heavy Machinery Movers. This equipment moving service is performed by experts in minimal time. Moreover to this, these presented services are more satisfying and can be availed as per need

International Heavy Machinery Cargo Services

Viet Uni Logistics handles over-dimensional shipments safely and legally. Our experienced team has expertise with the required permits, legal restrictions and specific equipment to transport your over-dimensional freight. Contact us for your over-dimensional shipments.

P/s : Yeah, we’ve heard that one before! Here in the Heavy Machinery department at Viet Uni Logistics, we give out quotes daily. Don’t be fooled by low cost quotes. You may regret it later.

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