About Corporation Vietnam Uni


We are freight forwarding company with international headquarters in Hanoi, Vietnam. Viet Uni Corporation was founded in 2008, we specialize in providing shipping services, air, inland transport multi-modal. We have close links with agents in many countries around the world, especially South Korea, Japan, India, Taiwan, China ...
Logistics is the ability to pickup or delivery at any location to any location worldwide. We can transport all goods, not limited to size, weight and time. Hanoi is the main gateway of North Vietnam. We have connections with all major carriers providing service on our hemisphere. Through a large number of contracts signed, we ensure service delivery priorities, ensuring chamber., And very competitive prices. In addition, we also offer services such as repackaging, insurance, legal advice, bank statements, handling containers, supply chain management, distribution ... meet any need for multimodal transport method of our customers. Whether you are selling or final consumers, we can bring the best results.

Our service gives your company the following benefits:

- Transporting goods quickly and cost-effective for your company and your customers
- Layout service package from your inventory to the customer's warehouse, airport or seaport
- Provide timely information about the process of cargo for both you and your customers at the location of the
- With the fast and efficient transport, the business turnaround of customers will be faster, pull in as the next place orders more quickly
- We can advise on transport options for your company. The Company will adjust services to meet the needs of customers

Please fill in this form suggestions, email or call us to set up appointments. We are always ready to serve the transportation needs, distribution and logistics for customers.